Frequently Asked Questions

Does Handled Handyman provide supplies?
Our handymen will arrive to your home with all necessary tools for the project. However, we do ask that all materials required for your service are provided.
Can I tip my handyman?
Yes! You are free to provide your handyman with cash as a tip, or feel free to give us a call in order to add a tip to your credit card!
What happens if my appointment takes longer or shorter than what I booked for?
Once your project has been completed, if the time spent to complete it differs from your booking—simply give us a call and we will adjust the pricing prior to charging your card.
What if I just want an estimate of how long my project will take?
We are happy to come out to your home to asses your project for a $80 minimum rate fee. If you decide you’d like the job done in that moment, the $80 would be applied to the final price as credit.
Can I book a service under 2 hours?
Yes! Simply choose the Quick Task option
My project is complex or requires more than one category listed, how do I book?
Great! We look forward to handling all of your projects. Be sure to submit your request for the multi service quote! Once we receive the description of your desired tasks, we are able to apply your multi-service discount!
Why isn’t my promo code working?
Be sure you have not used your code on a prior appointment. Our promotions are typically just for one time use.
Am I charged prior to my service being completed?
No. We do not charge your card until after we have completed your service.
Why do I have to provide my credit card info if I’m not charged until after my project is complete?
We take your information so that we are able to pre authorize it prior to your appointment. A hold will be placed on your card upon booking, but will fall off if the booking is canceled within our Cancelation Policy guidelines.
Are the handymen customer friendly?
We pride ourselves on stellar customer service! Rest assured your handyman will arrive with a smile and professional attitude.