Home Improvement Projects for the First-Time Home Buyer

Buying a home is a huge decision and a significant expense. In addition to the difficulty of getting a mortgage, there is the stress of searching for a suitable home. After completing their home purchase, the last thing first-time homeowners want to hear about is more expenses.

But no matter how well-suited a new home is to the buyer's tastes, says Income Realty Corporation, some parts won't feel right. Before they can get the house to truly feel like home, first-time buyers often have to carry out improvements.

To help such homeowners bring their homes to the desired state, here are some updates they can do without breaking the bank. Even though they are inexpensive, these home improvement projects will impact the home's look and function in a significant way.

Repaint the walls

The interior walls' color serves as a backdrop for other styles and design elements of the home. Updating paint colors will completely transform the home's look and feel.

But repainting the walls is not just about making cosmetic improvements; wall paint is the home's first line of defense against damage to the walls. By repainting their walls, new homeowners will be addressing wear & tear issues and preserve the value of their property.

Change the lighting

Along with wall colors, the lights in a home blanket other style and design aspects of the home. Dim lights make a home feel cramped, dull, and uninviting. Old light fixtures give it a dated look. Updating light fixtures to increase illumination and improve style is recommended.

When installing new lights, it should be done across the three levels of a home's lighting systems. The project should improve the ambient, task, and accent lighting. Additionally, energy-efficient lighting options should be used.

Change old hardware

Swapping out the knobs, pulls, and handles on doors, dressers, and cabinets will transform the home. This should be done to create a more uniform look with the rest of the home's design. It should also introduce new pieces that are more flattering to the house.

A home's hardware has a tendency to attract visitor's attention, and homeowners can turn this to their advantage. Changing the hardware is an update that can be implemented cheaply and quickly.

Update to save energy

Several improvements can lower the home's utility bills. These include installing showerheads and faucets which use less water. Another way is to swap out old blinds, shades, and drapery, for energy-efficient window coverings.

Appliances should also be upgraded to improve their overall look, function, and energy use. One more way to improve energy use and update the home's appearance is to install LED lighting.

Install a new backsplash

Installing a new backsplash doesn't cost much, and it is effortless to do. But the benefits of this small improvement are enormous. A new backsplash can combine with newly-paint walls and updated appliances to complete the look of a kitchen.

It will complement modern low-flow faucets. And ensure that the wall behind sinks and counters is adequately protected.

Replace the front door

A new front door is a cheap way to increase the curb appeal of a home. The front door is one of the first things people notice in a home, and it makes a huge impression on visitors. The front door is also a significant factor in the security and energy-efficiency of the house.

Changing to a steel or fiberglass door with insulating material and the eye-popping color is the way to go. While changing the door, entryway lighting should also be updated. Doing this will make the improvement even more useful.

Reface cabinets and drawers

Cabinets and drawers can be improved by refacing them, rather than replacing them altogether. The impact of refacing cabinets is close to that of buying entirely new ones.

This update will significantly impact the look of the whole kitchen because cabinets and drawers stretch across the height and breadth of kitchen walls.

There are many style options to choose from when doing cabinets refacing, and the project is 50% cheaper than buying new cabinets.

Upgrade showerheads

Swapping out old showerheads is about updating the look of a bathroom and improving the quality of shower times. Newer showerheads usually have multiple flow settings that allow users to customize their shower experience.

Showerheads options available to homeowners include smart showerheads, showerheads with numerous sprays, green showerheads, and showerheads with chlorine filter. Owners can even install a showerhead that delivers a spa-like experience.

Stain the deck

Staining the deck is both necessary for improving its look and protecting it. Failing to reapply the wood stain could lead the wood to lose its color and ultimately dry out. Staining the deck revitalizes the wood and restores its natural appearance. This is a cheap exterior improvement project which reinforces the waterproof barrier that protects the deck from the elements.

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