Everybody, to a certain degree, can engage in activities around the home that require repair, maintenance, or remodeling, but we can all admit that sometimes we are faced with certain difficulties in getting them done. Or there are simply some jobs that are beyond our capabilities. At this point, we think to call our Local Handyman.

Let's face it, everybody thinks it's easy to change a light fixture or to replace a ceiling fan that is faulty until they get electrocuted, maybe. It's these little accidents around the home that hiring us helps you prevent.

So, the next time you have a leak in your kitchen sink, or there's a wall in your home that needs a hole patched, a room painted, or even odd jobs like clearing drainage or hanging a mirror, you know exactly who you need to call.

Whether you need a large installation or a small repair, we are professional and adequately skilled enough to handle jobs around the home to your optimum satisfaction.


We offer an incredibly broad variety of handyman services around your home. If your light bulb is faulty, or you’d like your shower head replaced, we have got you covered every day.

We engage in tasks, for you, that require skilled or unskilled labor, and an inexhaustible list of jobs like Kitchen repairs, plumbing jobs, electrical fixture repairs, furniture assembly, interior paintings, pressure washing, and general household updates, maintenance, etc.

We are also here for our clients who have specific or unique needs, because the exact delivery we offer depends on the demand of our clients. So simply with your request, we will be all over it, trying to find a solution that is perfect for you.


We understand how much of a utility it is for single moms to have someone who they can trust with repairs around the home without having to be skeptical about security. Our services absolutely offer this particular group peace of mind.

We pride ourselves on being a trusted service and therefore we vet and screen our employees thoroughly before hiring, so that you can be rest assured of the profile of the person that will be entering your home.

Working moms with overloaded and strangling schedules who need repairs around the home done efficiently are also one of the largest part of our clients base. Let's not count out the husband's and dad's who simply do not have enough time in the day. We also consistently provide safe services for college students, as well as, anybody who needs help fixing household issues. Handled Handyman has a spot on the schedule for everyone.


We are open for repair services in the entirety of Tampa, Florida and

for every job we engage in, we bring our own tools that are reliable and competent so our clients do not have to worry if they do not have the tools or skill to get a repair done. The proficiency of the tools we bring into every job allow us to provide optimum service every time we engage in a job.


We recognize the really demanding schedule of our clients, and that is why we maintain a very flexible structure of service for the comfortability of our clients. We provide two hour windows throughout the day to be able to provide a range of options for our client base.

Our employees are also incredibly proficient in time management so we can complete your repairs in a timely manner.

Additionally, for our client's convenience, we always like to know the details of a project to recommend the right service to be given to them. If you're doing a full home small job, for example, we have minimum rate offers that are very affordable for our clients.

You can handle little repairs in your home, but it’s possible you may not get it right the first time. Why take the chance of spending more to fix a problem we can handle? There is also the risk of accidents due to lack of prior knowledge that you could have totally prevented.

Hiring us to take care of your job will save you a lot more money, time, and peace, all the while being satisfied with the variety of repairs we can carry out in your home. So why wait?

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